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Bitches, Puhleeeeze….

I’m annoyed.  By feminists.  And I have a vagina.   I’m in the very low minority of people who calls bullshit on this sort of thing.  Mostly because many feminists these days are of the “you’re either with us or against us” mentality.   I’m a strong woman, who just happens to think that a lot of these women are full of shit.

Case in point:  This annoying AF meme hitting facebook:


The caption here is: “100 years later women’s bodies are still being controlled by men”.

Really?  Is that what feminists really think is going on here?  Then they are fucking stupid. Because this has very little to do with sexism (except that which we, as Westerners, perceive to be sexist by our standards) and everything to do with xenophobia and religious intolerance.   There were many women surrounding this particular woman on a French beach who did sweet fuck all to voice their disgust at what was going on.  They could have protested.  They could have shown their solidarity with her and put their clothes back on.  They could have said, “fuck this beach, we’re going to leave this beach with you, all of us clothed, because we are incensed that your dignity is being stripped.  Let’s go somewhere together and make you feel safe again.”

They did NOTHING.  Because it wasn’t about feminism.  It was about fear and it was about religious differences.  The only reason this turned into a meme about sexism is because those particular police officers had dicks.  And because they weren’t of the same beliefs as this lady, those women allowed, tolerated, probably even agreed with, this humiliation and violation of her religious beliefs and preference to dress modestly.

There’s a topless demonstration taking place in my city this Saturday.  The point of this stupidity is beyond me.  So you want to show your tatas off in public because men can show their nipples in the summer by going shirtless?  And that is ‘equality’?  So why aren’t all these liberated feminists showing their tatas off to grandpa during Thanksgiving dinner or at a friend’s bbq or New Year’s Eve party?  Not enough people to see them?  Is this just to make a statement and then pull their tops back on after the media go away?

Why not demonstrate against something more important, like female genital mutilation?  Or the honour killings that take place in countries like India and Pakistan?  Not to mention the violence against women here in North America?  Having the ‘right’ to show off your tatas is more important than that?   You can’t have it both ways, ladies – desexualization of female breasts by insisting on the right to go topless because men do it, but simultaneously making your breast erogeneous by wearing sexy bras and low cut tops and rubbing glitter on your cleavage.   On the one hand, they don’t want people to ogle them… on the other hand, they do clearly do.  Men also pee standing up, against trees… do we also want to do that?

Make up your mind already, ladies.  This is confusing, even to me… a woman… with breasts.


This song is dedicated to the policy makers in the South of France: